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How does competition dance benefit my child?


"I have seen my daughter grow so much since she began dancing.  She has developed self-discipline, determination, self-confidence and has experienced being part of a team sport.  My daughter does very well in school and I think the discipline of dance has helped her to be self-motivated and organized.  Dance has helped her develop an impeccable memory, strong math skills and her creativity.  She has a strong sense of self-confidence and is not afraid to stand up and lead, give speeches or try new things.

One of the most important things she has learned from competition dance is being part of a team.  She has learned each person is responsible for their own job and that the job she does affects the team as a whole.  She has learned that success comes from being part of the team and doing your best at all times.  Competition dance has become part of her and who she will become in life.

Competition dance is a rewarding family experience when you see how much your child changes in a positive manner.  The overall growth, maturity and ability that changes from year to year is astonishing.  We love to see the excitement of competition and the sense of accomplishment on her face at the end of the day."

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